Once upon a time, live a rishi named Kasyapa. He has two daughters, Kadru and Winata. One day he gave his two daughters an egg each. Winata’s egg gave birth to a bird that was later named Garuda. On the other hand, Kadru’s egg gave birth to nine dragons.

Kadru envied Winata because she only need to raise one bird. Later, she has a bad intention of how to make Winata nourish her nine dragons.

On the next day, Kadru met her father. She asked if he can bring her Uchaiswara horse. After that, Kadru ran into her sister, Winata. They agreed to make a bet about the color of the Uchaiswara horse. Whoever loses the game must obey the winner’s order.

At first, Kadru bet the color of the horse is black while Winata guessed it is white. Later on, Kadru realized that she made a mistake. The actual color of the horse is white and Winata was right. She didn’t want to lose so she made a cunning strategy.

Kadru commanded her nine dragons to burn the horse before it came. As a result, the horse burnt and the color become black.

The horse arrived at Kasyapa’s house. Kadru showed Winata that she made a right guess. According to the agreement, Winata should obey Kadru’s order. Then, Kadru told Winata to take care of her nine dragons.

After Garuda becomes an adult, he asked why her mother why she should take care of children who were not hers. Her mother told the actual story.

After Garuda heard the story, he became angry. Thus, he fought the nine dragons. In short, they were defeated by Garuda. Kadru came to Garuda and give him one request to liberate her mother. Garuda has to get Tirta Amerta (the elixir of life) to give it to the dragons.

Tirta Amerta is the water of eternity. Whoever drinks it will become immortal.

In the journey of searching the water, he met Dewa Wisnu. Dewa Wisnu will give him the water but with one requisite. Garuda must promise that he will be ready to become Dewa Wisnu’s mount.

After getting the water, finally Garuda gives him to Kadru. When Kadru shed it to the dragon, Dewa Indra came and snatch it. Part of the water drop to the sharp weed grass. As a result, when the dragons licked it their tongue was torn in two.

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