A quick review for a whole new live-action movie of Aladdin from my point of view. The movie is brutally underrated and gets a low score from the critics. Somehow, it is indeed shining, shimmering, splendid.

Aladdin: The Casts

Will Smith, as an A-list Hollywood actor, with no doubt, really killed the role as Genie. He effortlessly portrays the character and makes the role as his own. As a result, we got a new Genie that is humorous, spontaneous, hilarious and be able to make your wish become reality! As Aladdin, we have to appreciate Mena Massoud’s effort to learn singing and dancing. Mena, unexpectedly, did a good job singing A Whole New World when he was not an actual singer himself! Thanks to Disney that is forced their casts to do something outside of their comfort zone.

Aladdin Movie Poster

Multitalented actress, Naomi Scott, perfectly suited Princess Jasmine. As a new actress, she nailed the character very well. Scott successfully plays the princess personality that is kindhearted and graceful as well as brave and bold, not to mention her exceptional vocal talents. Some critics might say Marwan Kenzari as Jafar is not evil enough to be a villain. It is partially true due to such low character development. The conflict goes very fast, Jafar doesn’t get enough portion he deserves to show his evilness. Poor Jafar.

Guy Ritchie as the director gave a fresh visualization to this legendary movie. It becomes funny, colorful, entertaining and emotional at the same time. Such a traditional Arabian touch gives a unique look to the Disney movie that is usually dominated by western culture. Incredible CGIs, wonderful dances, extraordinary songs, glamorous costumes, solid casts, this movie has it all. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and entertained at the same time. Be ready to fly over the endless diamond night sky of Agrabah with magic carpet ride!

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