Telek, The Ancient Dance

by admin

The origin of Telek Dance can be traced from Barong Suari literature. According to history, this dance began to be performed around 1935. Therefore, it has existed for nearly a century. This dance is considered a cultural heritage. Telek is a symbol of temple guardians.

Once upon a time, Dewa Siwa sent Dewa Iswara to the world to find his wife, Dewi Durga. In his wander, Dewa Iswara went to the four main compass directions. This is represented by four dancers using white masks. This character is often known as Telek.

In addition, Dewa Siwa also sent Dewa Brahma (dancers that wear a red mask or Jauk), and Topeng Penamprat. Then, it was also followed by Dewa Wisnu as Banaspati Raja.

In the meantime, Dewi Durga was at Setra Gandamayu. She held a black magic ritual with her followers. This will create negative energy in this world that causes plague. This is the purpose of Telek Dance, to purify the world. Nowadays, Telek is often performed as part of Calonarang.

This dance is often categorized as sacred or wali dance. It means the performance of Telek is mandatory in every village in Bali. The dance movement is mysterious and still unknown. It has Taksu or a magical aura that cannot be explained.

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