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5 Tips to Make A Powerful Writing - raré angon

5 Tips to Make A Powerful Writing

by admin

Speaking, listening, reading and writing are the skills we should master when learning English. Those skills are also the indicators used to asses someone’s ability in using English, also beneficial to support your studies or even your works. Let’s say, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test for instance. It tests your skills from A to Z in mastering English as an international language. As you are now reading this blog, I believe the word “writing” drove you here. Don’t worry! I have been in that position, too. Fortunately, when I was looking for some tips to improve my writing, I found this video by Emma. The tips are well-explained and I am excited to share them with you. Here you go!

Writing Tip 1

Avoid Contractions

Everyone who learns English must be familiar with the words don’t, doesn’t, can’t and stuff. It is called contractions. Sounds simple, catchy and cool, right? However, how many of us are aware that we cannot use them in formal writing?

We usually use contractions for speaking as it sounds more natural. In formal writing like report, essay, proposal, and so forth, it would be better to avoid them to make your writing clearer and stronger, obviously. Then, we should try :

“Some cats do not like to take a bath” instead of “Some cats don’t like to take a bath.”

Person Holding Blue Ballpoint Pen Writing in Notebook
Photo: pexels

Writing Tip 2

Find alternatives for there is/there are

What is the problem with there is and there are?

Long sentence does not always mean excelent. Using effective yet informative sentence would be better to build a strong writing. Using there is / there are may also look like basic-level writing. Try this instead :

There are many flowers in the garden –> Many flowers grow in the garden.

Writing Tip 3

Think of other words to say common words like really, very, a lot, so

This book is very good.

The view is very beautiful.

Imagine yourself reading those sentence. Do you think those are a bit boring? As a non-native English speaker, we sometimes got trapped in using very or so before an adjective. Some examples by British Council can be a reference.

Ant is a very small animal that loves sugar –> And is a tiny animal that loves sugar

Writing Tip 4

Use active voice instead of passive voice

An active voice or active sentence explains about an action of the subject at the beginning. Then passive voice is the other way around. “The police helped me to find my missing daughter” is an example of active voice. Meanwhile, “I was helped by the police to find my missing daughter” is the passive version. By using active voice, the actor or subject will jut as it is placed at the beginning of the sentence.

Police standing on road
photo by: unsplash

Writing Tip 5

Use strong verbs

Strong verbs will help boost your sentence to another level, only by adjusting a word. In her video, Emma, gives a tip to use strong verb by transforming a noun into a verb. For example :

My brother gave assistance to the lecturer to check some homework.

Assistance in here is a noun, but there is a verb version of assistance which is assist. Therefore, we can write it : My brother assisted to the lecturer to check some homework. It has the same meaning but stronger.

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